Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rising from obscurity

Why does one write a blog? And why do people follow?

I started a blog because I was told it would help my business.  I'm not a writer. I'm a visual artist who primarily makes jewelry.  I have a brick and mortar shop in northeast Baltimore City, an area called Lauraville.  This is the start of my second year in this location.  My goal in writing this blog (at least my present goal) is to help my little store rise out of obscurity in Baltimore, which means sharing the joys and craziness of owning a store. 

This is also my personal experiment in getting my store seen by the local media (Baltimore Magazine, Style Magazine) as well as any other form of Maryland media w/out selling my soul, or liver or other vital organ.

So, please excuse the grammatical errors. There will be many. 

Okay, here we go!

Daily good news: 

1)  I sold a necklace off of Etsy last night - yay! I hope the recipient loves it!
2)  I've gotten into another Etsy Treasury!  (I'm secretly collecting these like trading cards!)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

And, yet, another snow day!

Baltimore just got dumped on with a whole bunch of snow last night - I think we now have at least 10 inches.  Real wet, bloppy snow - big and sloppy.  Heavy heavy.

My poor little beancake has come down with a cough and I'm torn as to whether or not to let her out to sled. Ugh, I feel like bad, yet protective mama.  Working on mentally removing the guilt.

Had to close the store again today so that the digging out can begin.  Ah, well, I doubt this is weather to be jewelry shopping in, and besides my hope is that my etsy shop can become just as lucrative as the store. In fact, one of my necklaces was kindly chosen for a lovely necklace treasury. 

Happy Day!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A great snowy morning surprise!

My daughter has been off of school for the past two days because of her teacher's professional development days.  But, even though she's off school, that doesn't mean that I get off of working.  While trying to make as much new jewelry as I can, to post on etsy and put in the shop, my bff, Patty, sent me a chat to say that "they're dropping like flies" at her work, did you get your flu shot yet?  Ewe.  The thought of a shot, of any kind, leaves me dizzy.  Childhood trauma stuff.  No fun.

So I sucked it up and told my little chickie that we have to get our flu shots today.  We'll treat ourselves to some goodies afterward, I promise!  I researched where we could go on the fly and found out that our local Target store has a clinic and they give flu shots.  On the way over, we bantered back and forth which one of us would go first. We never did come up with a winner. 

Luckily for us, we both were eligible for the flu mist. No shot! Wheeee! We were both so darned happy!  We treated ourselves anyway. Actually, she treated herself to a new Wii game, with her own money.  I decided to get socks. Yee haw.

So, long story short, yesterday we decided to go book shopping.  But not until after I photographed all the work that I created in the last two days.  While in the bookstore I took a close, real close, look at my kid and noticed that she didn't look so good.  When I asked her, she said "yeah, my throat is a little weird."  She's so darned stoic!  When we got home she had a fever, stomach ache and sore throat.  The flu?  Ugh.

Anyway, I gave her some motrin, fed her soup and put her to bed.  Now it's super early in the morning and we here in Balitmore received more snow than expected and schools are closed.  With more to come.  Hopefully, the little chickie will feel better once she gets up.  And, hopefully, my husband won't have to drive his horrible commute to work.

For me, I started with a sore throat as well and couldn't sleep.  Woke up at 5am (luckily, I love early mornings) and found out that I got in a treasury that I didn't know about.  What a lovely surprise!  I'm hoping that I can properly show it here - I'm still learning all of this.  We'll see.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Words from the non-wordy

My name is Constance and I am a maker of things. Mostly jewelry.  I love old things, especially those that I can re-struct into something new.  At one point, it was salt & pepper shakers that I turned into tassels, now I take vintage tin to cut apart and make jewelry.  The jewelry thing has been going on for more than 20 years, with twists and turns in between. (Hence the tassels).  I love gemstones, and most things that sparkle. 

Writing a blog is not something that I ever considered.  As the title states, I'm not generally verbose.  At least when it comes to putting words down on paper, or computer, etc., etc.

What I am is visual.  I love to create with color, whether it's twisting wire around a gemstone or using monster sized tinsnips to cut 11mm rounds of beautiful colored tin.  It's so rewarding. 

But what's most rewarding about what I do is how it creates a feeling for someone else.  I have no separation anxiety from my work.  Seeing the pleasure my creations give to another is why I do this!

That's why I own a brick and mortar store in Balitmore City, called Studio C Jewelry.  The "C" part is for my name, Constance, as it was also once for my address, 4337 "C" Harford Road.  But since I moved the shop a year ago, I suppose it's really just for Constance.