Sunday, January 23, 2011

Words from the non-wordy

My name is Constance and I am a maker of things. Mostly jewelry.  I love old things, especially those that I can re-struct into something new.  At one point, it was salt & pepper shakers that I turned into tassels, now I take vintage tin to cut apart and make jewelry.  The jewelry thing has been going on for more than 20 years, with twists and turns in between. (Hence the tassels).  I love gemstones, and most things that sparkle. 

Writing a blog is not something that I ever considered.  As the title states, I'm not generally verbose.  At least when it comes to putting words down on paper, or computer, etc., etc.

What I am is visual.  I love to create with color, whether it's twisting wire around a gemstone or using monster sized tinsnips to cut 11mm rounds of beautiful colored tin.  It's so rewarding. 

But what's most rewarding about what I do is how it creates a feeling for someone else.  I have no separation anxiety from my work.  Seeing the pleasure my creations give to another is why I do this!

That's why I own a brick and mortar store in Balitmore City, called Studio C Jewelry.  The "C" part is for my name, Constance, as it was also once for my address, 4337 "C" Harford Road.  But since I moved the shop a year ago, I suppose it's really just for Constance. 

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