Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Art of Letting Go

The new Style magazine came yesterday.  My shop's not in it - again.  I've been in this shop for over a year, and not one local mag has noticed.  I keep telling myself that "it's okay" but really it's not.  Is it the location? They say, "location is everything" - but who are "they" anyway?  Who the heck knows.  They have all been given the info that I exist, but they're ignoring me. For now, I hope.  So, I'll again tell myself that "it's okay" and try to believe it.  Besides, my shop is gorgeous - if they'd get their heads out of their you-know-whats, they'd know that too. (So it can't be that!)

Valentine's Day is over and we move forward into Spring. New scarves, candles and other beauties have arrived and the store looks fresh and springy!  I'll upload pics later of some of the new merch, I promise! but for now, here's an updated pic of part of the store.

Been a slow week on Etsy.  I've been making lots of new items, both vintage glass and tin this week. Next week I'll move to gemstones, I think, but I've got to make lots of tin for upcoming shows and events, so that's where the concentration will remain, at least for now.   I'm still trying to figure out the crapshoot that is relisting.  Sometimes, you'll spend lots of $$ relisting and no one will notice, other times you hit the jackpot and someone will buy something.  It's certainly hard to count on.

Sent a large group out for wholesale this week. Hope that goes well.

My quest for treasuries has been going well.  I'm now in 25.  Still excites me whenever someone chooses something of mine to put in their treasury! Here's the latest:

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