Thursday, February 3, 2011

Same Day, Different Post

Okay, I'm still trying to figure out how the heck to do this!  I've been jonesin' to redo the wall across from the sales desk and I accomplished the task today, but can't seem to figure out how to post the pics.  So, I'm gonna try again!

Before and After:

Made a bunch more items for Etsy, I now have 77 items listed!  It's amazing how much time it takes to shoot the pictures, clean them up and load them onto the site.  I have to say that my new camera is taking some pretty darn good shots.  (It's a Cannon Powershot A3100 IS).

Now I'm ready for the weekend!  If we get another round of frozen precipitation I'll cry, as Saturday is my busiest day of the week and I lost so many days in January because of crappy weather.  Here's to hoping!

I also got chosen for another treasury - that's 11 so far and it just makes me giddy with excitement!

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