Saturday, February 19, 2011

Early Spring Means Tissue Flowers!

We here in Bawlmore, hon, experienced quite a tease yesterday when the outside temp reached 74 degrees! I was so excited that I rushed out to purchase tissue paper so that I could re-do my tiny shop window.  While I forgot to take before pics w/the Valentine's Day theme (oops!), I did however take pics of the process of making tissue paper flowers and I have a glare-y shot of the new store window.  I'll try to update the window pic once the light shifts.

Unfortuately for us, today is cold and extreeeeeeeeemly windy!  They're even calling for snow on Tuesday.  Utter Crazyness!  But, this morning, for the first time this year I heard the little birdies in my backyard singing at 6:30 a.m. (I'm an early girl).  While the weather will remain crazy for the time being, there is hope for Spring.  My favorite time of year is Spring and Summer. My favorite month (I know this is strange) is August.  But that's because the Monarchs are plentiful and I'm big into raising butterflies.

Anyhoo, the store is relatively slow, so I'm going to be making jewelry now and hope to do some Etsy listing on Monday. 

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