Thursday, February 3, 2011

To Relist and Relist and Relist - that is the question!?!

Okay, here's something about Etsy that always keeps me guessing: whether or not to relist my items and how often?  I know that it's important to keep my items in front of people, since once an item is listed it gets burried in the queue - there's a kajillion people listing items, especially jewelry.  And at what time of day?  When are people most likely to see my stuff, and if I relist at the wrong time, is it just a waste of money?

While these questions will always keep me guessing, I took a stab at relisting a bunch of items today - out of 77, I relisted just about half.  Here's what's happened so far:

Two people put items on their favorites list and
One item got chosen for a treasury!

Pretty darn good for a stab in the dark!  One of the most positive things that can happen as an Etsy seller, other than of course, selling an item, is to get chosen for a treasury.  I've been collecting them like snowglobes, and am giddy with excitement everytime it happens.  Here's the latest - No. 12:

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